• General safety, hazard awareness and orientation program.
  • Each Company has specific requirements that you must follow while working on their property.  
  • If you are unsure of those requirements, please contact your supervisor or Company representative.
  • You have the responsibility and authority to stop work at any time for any unsafe situation or behavior.
  • In addition to this Passport orientation, each producer has its own site-specific orientation process.
  • You will receive more information depending upon the area and project in which you are working.
  • SWA establishes the “authority and obligation” of any individual to suspend a work task or group operation when the control of Health, Safety, or Environmental risk is not clearly established or understood.
  • The process involves a “stop, notify, correct, and resume” approach for the resolution of a perceived unsafe situation that could result in an undesirable event.  
  • Follow your company’s and the oil producer’s safety requirements.
  • Be aware of work-related hazards; H2S, hot surfaces, moving equipment, confined spaces, etc.
  • Use good judgment and the proper PPE.
  • In the event of unsafe work, stop, safeguard the area, and report to your supervisor.

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  • Identify  the  characteristics  of confined  spaces
  • Identify  the  characteristics  of permit  required  confined  spaces  (PRCS)
  • Discuss  definitions  relating  to  confined  spaces
  • Identify  the differences  between  General  Industry  and  Construction  confined  space
  • Look at  expected  injury  reduction  associated  with  confined  space  in  construction  rule
  • Identify  the key  components  of  a  confined  space plan
  • Identify  the duties  of  the  entrant,  attendant,  and  supervisor
  • Identify  the hazards  in  a  confined  space
  • Understand  eliminating hazards  using Lock-out/Tag-out  (LOTO)
  • Understand  ventilation  practices
  • Understand  rescue  preparation.
  • Understand  employee  rights   

Passport Training 

Confined Space Training